Released 2009

© Red Fly Studios, Inc. and Atari, Inc.
Platforms: Wii, PS2

Ghostbusters brings the hit 80's films back to life. Players take control of the new Rookie on the team several years after the original movies.

Position: Gameplay Scripter


  • Teamwork:

    • Worked closely with Designers to ensure a solid design and user experience with levels.

    • Collaborated with design team on overall game and process.

    • Participated in the Puzzle and “Creepify” strike teams to ensure a solid experience throughout the game.

    • Oversaw Player Direction and Game Balancing Strike Teams.

    • Handled various tests to identify corrections to Game Balance, Weapon Balance, and Player Direction.

  • Level Design:

    • Took ownership of the Firehouse, Museum, and Times Square levels from initial scripting through the end of the project; including iteration design and final scripting.

    • Gathered feedback from testers and peers and updated documents and design accordingly.

    • Placed objects, actors, and collectibles throughout levels and ensured balancing.

  • Scripter:

    • Implemented C style script through the Infernal Engine.

    • Worked with QA and fixed bugs in a timely fashion.