Mushroom Men

Released 2008

© Red Fly Studios, Inc.
Platforms: Wii

A trippy adventure from a pint sized view. Take the role of a mushroom come to life named Pax.

Position: Gameplay Scripter


  • Teamwork:

    • Worked closely with Lead Design and Environment Artist to ensure a solid design and user experience.

    • Collaborated with design team on overall game and process.

    • Participated in the Player Interactions strike team to ensure solid play and player usage throughout the game.

    • Worked on Spore Power strike team.

  • Level Design:

    • Took ownership of the Sushi Restaurant, Tutorial, and Cow Pasture levels from initial scripting through the end of the project; including iteration design and final scripting.

    • Over saw the Trailer, Inner Sanctum, and Log Village level through conception, paper maps, and initial scripting.

    • Contributed to the white box of the Log Village.

    • Gathered feed back from testers and peers and updated documents and design accordingly.

    • Placed objects, actors, and collectibles throughout levels and ensured balancing.

  • Scripter:

    • Implemented C style script through the Infernal Engine.

    • Created quick prototype script and final script. Worked with QA and fixed bugs in a timely fashion.

    • Added reusable global script functions to increase agility of scripting team.