Help Emmett Graves free his hometown of White Sands from the Outcasts in this action packed spiritual successor to Warhawk.

Position: Technical Game Designer


  • Teamwork:

    • Gathered feedback from internal multiplayer play tests.

    • Collaborated with design team on a variety of game systems throughout development.

    • Assisted team on utilizing and improving Design tools.

  • Game Design:

    • Collaborated on the flow and layout of The Pipeline and Sever levels.

    • Did additional layout adjustments for the multiplayer modes on various maps, primarily for Assault.

    • Worked closely with Lead on development and play of multiplayer modes.

  • Scripter:

    • Implemented Lua style script for Capture the Flag, Zones, Domination, Deathmatch, and Assault.

    • Created various tools for Lua driven level editor.


Released 2012

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Platforms: PS3